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BUR Roofing Maintenance

BUR Roofing Maintenance

Built-up roofs (BUR) are certainly investments. With their layers of asphalt, felt, and gravel, the materials add up and so does the cost. However, by practicing good BUR roofing maintenance habits, your roof should be in great shape for years to come. Learn how to protect your BUR roof and its sturdy layers from the elements, no matter what type of climate they must endure.


BUR Roofing Maintenance

Get Yearly Inspections

Some BUR roofs on historic buildings are around 100 years old. Although this is a testament to the quality of BUR roofs, it’s also a sign that you should have your BUR roof inspected once a year. After all, nothing left in the rain, snow, and sun can last for decades without some wear and tear. Getting yearly inspections can prevent problems before they cause interior damage like drywall rot and ceiling leaks.

Schedule Needed Repairs ASAP

Roof repairs are an inevitable part of being a building owner, whether you own a building with a tile roof, rubber roof, or a BUR roof. Different types of issues on BUR roofs that require repairs include open joints, blisters, waves, and cracks. Each problem calls for a different repair process. As soon as you notice one of these issues, contact a trusted roofer.

  • Open Joints: Occasionally, BUR roof seams can start to separate. To solve the problem, your contractor will pour cement in the seam and place pressure on the spot. Occasionally, open seams also require a layer of felt and gravel to provide even more protection.
  • Blisters: If your BUR roof has a section that protrudes out, your contractor will most likely use a sharp knife to cut the blister and remove damp layers. Once he or she reaches a dry layer, it’s time to re-layer the spot with new pieces of felt, asphalt, and chippings or liquid top coating.
  • Waves: Sometimes a BUR roof can start to look more like a rolling ocean than a flat roof. If there are several spots on the BUR roof that protrude out (that aren’t caused by damp, swollen layers), your contractor will add more roof layers on top of the problem area to even it out. Before adding the extra layers, he or she will make sure the layers underneath are in excellent condition.
  • Cracks: Cracks on the asphalt surface are one of the easiest BUR roof repairs. Your contractor will start by cleaning the area and will then apply asphalt cement and felt over the spot. He or she will top the spot off with another layer of asphalt and gravel (source).

When it comes to BUR roof repairs, always hire a contractor. The money you save isn’t worth the risk of roof damage or bodily injury.

Get Regular Cleanings

Birds’ nests, fallen leaves, and even dead critters can end up on a BUR roof. Mold and decay can cause the BUR roofing material to deteriorate at a faster than normal rate. Try to get your roof professionally cleaned at least twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall. Before you get your roof cleaned, make sure to protect any nearby shrubs and grass with tarps, so the runaway soapy water doesn’t kill them. Once again, always hire a contractor for this type of work. When you add water and soap to the mix, it turns your roof into one giant slipping hazard.


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