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For over two decades, our talented roofers have assisted families and businesses in Southwest Missouri.

Craftsmanship, Integrity, Service: These three traits are the core of the Taylor-Made Roofing Team. They are seen when James gets on a roof, when Marla answers the phone, or when Russell and Orlando burn the midnight oil to ensure perfection for our customers. We do not take our work lightly, and when you have an office filled with talented people focused on the same mission, it is astounding how much fun you can have.

Sure, things may get heated when Russell teases that he can squat more than the interns or when Sassy gets her hair all over someone’s lunch, but at the end of the day, we’re a family. We laugh together, pray together, and celebrate together. And our goal is to make sure that family is at the heart of every job we do, because we know that a roof is about much more than shingles and metal and tar; a roof is about security for those whom we love and have a duty to protect– our family.

Meet the Team

Our Expert Team

Russell Taylor
Russell Taylor, Jr.
Russell says “it all started with a Pontiac Grand am, a ladder, a dream, and God’s blessing”. Now, as the President of Taylor Made Roofing, Mr. Taylor is organizing crews, …
Orlando Taylor
Orlando Taylor
Vice President
It’s a common joke around the office that we need to throw Orlando in the copy machine and get three more. His extensive understanding of the ins-and-outs of our business– …
Jim Osborne
Roofing has been an integral part of James’ life since 1984. He started his long career applying hot tar to flat roofs, but once he discovered his knack for laying …
Tyler Crouse
Tyler is our go-to guy for all Springfield area bids. In fact, he handles just about everything south of Brighton, which includes frequent trips down to Branson and beyond. Tyler …
Marla Hansen
Administrative Lead
Marla is a California native but spent many years in Las Vegas before moving out to Bolivar and becoming a part of the Taylor-Made team. She loves the Bolivar community …
Lynn Christensen
Shop Lead
Lynn is the handyman of all handymen. From brewing our morning coffee to single-handedly building entire additions to our shop, Lynn does it all. If there is even the smallest …
furry cat
Office Furry Friend
Sassy was unanimously voted the most adorable in the office (Sorry, Russell. Maybe next year.) She has blessed us with her presence in the office since 2014 when, as a …
Fully licensed and insured, Taylor-Made Roofing is ready to handle your roof, gutter, siding, or window project. Give us a call at 417-326-8778 for a free estimate.
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