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Hot Tar Roofing

Flat roof covering works with roofing felt

Hot tar roofing can substantially reduce energy costs, eliminate the effects of ultraviolet radiation, and decrease the need for routine maintenance. Utilizing torches, the roofers will create watertight layers that can last for more than 35 years. Experienced roofers can also add coatings that are resistant to fire and a sheet with minerals that will allow boots to effectively grip the roof’s surface. Plus, the roof will be able to withstand fast-moving winds and hail. If you’re looking for a durable, no-fuss roofing system, don’t overlook hot tar roofing.


Hot Tar Roofing


During installation, roofing contractors will apply approximately 60 pounds of hot tar for every 200 square feet of the roof’s surface. The specialists will utilize a device that evenly spreads the tar. Each roof generally features three to five plies, and every sheet typically has a width of 36 inches. The roof will also feature felt (seen in the photo above), which is made of fiberglass or polyester. The durable felt can prevent moisture from coming into contact with the roof and may reduce the effects of the wind.

Although hot tar can cause an aroma, the odor generally dissipates completely within 24 hours of the installation. In some cases, roofers can utilize kettles that are able to eliminate 98 percent of the initial aroma that is associated with hot tar.

Routine Maintenance

According to multiple reports, hot tar roofing systems have an average lifespan of approximately 28 years. In general, roofs that contain tar require much less maintenance than roofs that are made of other materials. However, eventually roofers may have to repair tiny blisters, which can be precipitated by air that has become trapped between the roof’s layers. Typically, contractors will install additional pieces of felt in order to completely eliminate the small blisters.

Energy Efficiency

The roof’s thick tar surface can prevent warmth from escaping through the roof. According to numerous analyses, the durable tar can reduce the costs of heating a commercial building by approximately eight percent during the winter months.

Moisture & Weather

When installing hot tar roofing, contractors create a seal that can completely withstand moisture and eliminate the risk of mold. Due to the roof’s especially smooth surface, excess liquid will easily slide off. Unlike some types of shingles, roofs that feature tar are able to withstand the effects of hail or falling objects. According to numerous analyses, the surface is not typically affected by ice either.

Added Coatings

After the roof has been installed, experts can apply a fire-resistant coating that can also withstand rain and snow. The coating may contain elastomers or alumina trihydrate, which can eliminate flames and decrease some effects of smoke.

The contractors will also install flashing at the edges of the roof. These durable pieces of metal can prevent moisture from seeping through the corners of the building. Typically, flashing will also be installed around any chimneys, and the roofers will add durable sealants that prevent particles of dirt from accumulating under the roof’s top layer.

Finally, in order to protect the surface from ultraviolet radiation, contractors may add an aggregate that contains stone to reflect the majority of UVA and UVB rays. The roofers can further reduce the effects of ultraviolet radiation by applying acrylic coatings or layers that contain fluoropolymers.

How to Get Started

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