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How to Find Out When a Roof Was Replaced

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You can’t have an omelet without eggs. Likewise, you can’t have a functional building envelope without a healthy roof. That makes the status of your home or company’s roof valuable information. What if you weren’t around when the roof was installed? Knowing how to find out when a roof was replaced can help you evaluate your roof’s condition and plan for its future needs.

Reasons for Discovering When a Roof Was Replaced

Discovering when your roof was installed unlocks valuable insights. After all, roofing materials have an expected lifespan. While this might vary depending on factors like the quality of materials and installation, the climate and weather exposure, ventilation issues, and maintenance, you can still use a little math to get a general notion of your roof’s likely lifespan.

Knowing the age of your roof and its likely lifespan will give you an idea of how much longer you can expect it to last. This helps you plan for the future. With a newer roof, you may be more likely to embrace repairs. What if your roof is nearing the end of its expected lifespan? Then, you may want to think about what a roof replacement will involve.

Being aware of your roof’s age also helps protect your property. Every property owner should watch for leaks and signs of water damage. However, if your roof’s age makes it more vulnerable to failure, you have an excellent motivation to pay extra attention.

Methods for Unmasking When a Roof Was Replaced

People often muse about what might be revealed if walls could talk. Since roofs can’t settle in for a chat, property owners must rely on other methods when they’re curious about their roof’s age. If you want to know how to find out when a roof was replaced, there are several possibilities.

Investigate Your Property’s Permits

Many homeowners groan at the thought of arranging for building permits. It can be a hassle, but the resulting paper trail has its perks. While not all do, many jurisdictions require permits for roofs, according to Hunker. If you contact your local planning department, someone there will likely be able to tell you if permits are needed for roofs. If they are, they can check to see when the last one was issued for your property. If your area requires permits, checking for one is a relatively painless way to get an accurate date for when a new roof was installed on your home or business.

Ask the Previous Owner

If you’re in the process of buying a property, asking when the roof was installed is a smart question. Hopefully, the seller can produce records. What if you already own the property? If you’re still in contact with the previous owner, you could reach out. Alternatively, if the building is in a subdivision or neighborhood with other properties that were built around the same time, ask around. There’s a good chance that many had roofs installed at the same time.

Contact the Roofer

Sometimes, the previous owner or a neighbor won’t remember how old the roof is, but they’ll remember the name of the roofing contractor who did the work. In this situation, you may be able to contact the roofer. Offer proof that you’re the property’s owner. Then, explain that you’re curious about the age of the roof. If it’s in their records, they may provide the date that the work was done.

Request a Roofing Inspection

There’s one strategy for how to find out when a roof was replaced that also gives you an accurate picture of your roof’s current condition. Reach out to a reputable roofing professional for a roof inspection. When a roofing expert evaluates your roof, they can give you an estimate of its age and notes on its current status, including any signs of problems. They may also offer suggestions for maintenance, repairs, or replacement.

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