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How to Kill Moss on a Roof

Moss on a Residential Roof

Some homeowners think that a mossy roof lends a bit of aesthetic charm. Unfortunately, a pleasantly mossy roof can lead to a not-so-pleasant problem: serious roof damage. Untreated moss can wear away at even the strongest roofing materials, shortening your roof’s lifespan and increasing the likelihood of harmful leaks. Find out how to kill moss on a roof to keep your roof looking great and functioning well for years to come.

How to Kill Moss on a Roof

What Causes Moss Growth?

Moss has a few causes. First, it thrives in shady areas, so if your roof is shaded by heavy tree cover, you’re at risk. Moss also loves moisture and will grow rapidly in soggy conditions if you’re not careful. Make no mistake: Moss is a sneaky grower. Left untreated, moss can spread incredibly quickly, hiding in spaces between shingles and tiles and lifting up roofing materials, which – you guessed it – makes the problem worse by allowing moisture to pool under the roofing materials. Fortunately, moss growth on your roof is an easy fix if you catch it early. If you see moss growing on your roof shingles, it’s important to schedule a roof cleaning immediately to prevent premature roof aging. 

Killing Moss on Your Roof

Like any roof procedure, moss removal is best left to the experts – especially if your roof has a steep pitch. However, if you’re just trying to clear a small amount of moss from your roof, you can usually solve the problem yourself. Make sure to complete your do-it-yourself moss removal on a cloudy day – most roof cleaning products absorb more effectively if there’s a bit of cloud cover. You can apply a ready-made roof cleaner with no rinsing required; there are several sprays that attach directly to your hose. However, working with a professional is ultimately your best bet for an effective and safe moss removal procedure.

Preventing Future Moss Growth

Now that you’ve figured out how to kill moss on a roof, make sure you’re taking steps to prevent it. In some situations, this will involve installing different roofing materials. For example, many different kinds of composite shingles contain additives to prevent the growth of moss or algae. These shingles can also help with UV degradation. In addition, you can ask your roofing professional to install strips of zinc- or copper-coated sheet metal just below your roof’s top ridge. Both zinc and copper are toxic to moss. Finally, take practical steps like pruning tree limbs that are near your roof. Natural sunlight can go a long way toward preventing moss growth.


Sure, a mossy roof may look quaint – but moss can shorten your roof’s lifespan significantly. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to learn how to kill moss on a roof. While you can attempt moss removal yourself, it’s always better to work with a professional. This ensures that you avoid harmful chemicals and stay safe if your roof has a steep pitch. Plus, if you work with a professional and schedule regular roof inspections, you’ll be able to identify and treat sneaky roof damage much earlier, ensuring that your roof looks great and functions well for years.

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