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How to Pick a Shingle Color

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When you pick out an outfit, you’ll be wearing it for a day. When you choose a roof for your home, the structure will be showing off your choices for a much longer period. After all, shingles can last for decades. Clearly, you’ll want to give some thought to the matter. What factors should you weigh? If you’re wondering how to pick a shingle color, Taylor-Made Roofing can help. As roofing experts, we know what it takes to select shingles that deliver function, durability, and style.

How to Pick a Shingle Color

In its 2022 Remodeling Impact Report, the National Association of Realtors strongly encouraged homeowners who were considering installing new roofs before putting their homes on the market to go ahead with the upgrade. Why? Sellers who updated their homes with a new roof made their homes more desirable to would-be buyers and generally recouped 100 percent of their investment when their property sold.

Whether you’re thinking about selling or planning to stay put in your home for a long time, you’ll want to select attractive roofing that boosts your curb appeal and property values. To achieve that, you’ll need to explore how to pick a shingle color. While it can seem complicated, thinking about a few key factors can help you figure it out.


More than 95 percent of the heat that hits a black shingle is absorbed. In contrast, a light shingle soaks up just 76 percent, according to Your Own Architect. That can make a significant difference in your energy bills and how your roof performs. A lighter-colored roof will reflect heat away when temperatures rise so it’s a great choice for places where it’s reliably warm. However, darker shingles hold and retain heat, which can come in handy in colder areas by melting any snow or ice before roof damage occurs.

Color Combinations

The color of your home is a definite consideration when you’re selecting your shingles. As Fixr points out, some color combinations are known to work out well:

  • Blue siding pairs well with roofing in black, dark brown, gray, or white.
  • Brown siding looks nice with roofing in dark blue, darker browns, green, and maroon.
  • Gray siding is complemented by roofing in blue, black, brown, and dark green.
  • Green siding works well with roofing in lighter browns and gray.
  • Red siding pairs well with roofing in dark brown, black, and dark gray.
  • Tan siding looks good with roofing in light brown, blue, red, and yellow.
  • White siding pairs attractively with roofing in blue, black, brown, and gray.


As GAF points out, shingles don’t come in just one color. While some lean toward simpler, more monochromatic looks, others are flecked with different shades of the same color. Some even feature patterns that mix complementary colors. Which is right for your roof? Generally, homes that already have a lot of patterns in their appearance thanks to other design elements like brickwork or stone are best served with a roof that is just one hue. However, other homes have the option to spice things up by bringing in more color or pattern on the roof. Picking up colors from the landscape, siding, or shutters can be a clever way to determine what you should choose for your roof. If these elements are warm, opt for a warm color for your roof. If they’re cool, choose something cool and complementary. Many shingles blend warm and cool shades, allowing homeowners to have the best of both worlds.


A roof that clashes with its surroundings won’t do your home any favors. Consider the design elements that are already present in your home and its surroundings. Think about your landscaping. You might also want to consider your neighborhood. Looking at the bigger picture can help you determine the ideal way to reroof your home.


Whether you’re searching for the perfect shingle color, trying to determine what kind of roofing is ideal, or hunting for a reputable roofing professional to deliver top-quality roofing repairs, you can count on Taylor-Made Roofing. Anchored in integrity and fully licensed and insured, we have over 20 years of roofing experience. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you.

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