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Metal Roof Maintenance

Metal Roof Maintenance

A metal roof is a valuable investment for a homeowner. Metal roofs are known to last much longer than many other common roofing materials, and they don’t require much effort to maintain. That said, you still need to conduct metal roof maintenance regularly to protect your investment and ensure that your roof remains in good condition for years to come.


Metal Roof Maintenance

Stay Off the Roof

Climbing on a roof can sometimes be fun, especially if it provides you with a great view of the surrounding area. However, constant foot traffic on your roof can cause damage and place your safety at risk. Avoid going on the roof unless you absolutely need to for maintenance or repair purposes. In addition, if you don’t feel comfortable climbing on your roof for any reason, contact a roofing professional to perform any needed inspections or maintenance.

Clear Away the Junk

If you have trees near your home, your roof will likely accumulate a lot of dead leaves in the fall. Other debris, such as pollen, flower petals, dust, or twigs can also build up and create a problem. The amount of buildup will depend on the layout of your roof and the elements in the surrounding area. Wind, rain, and snow will wash away some debris, but most roofs could still use an extra cleaning once or twice a year. Avoid using a pressure washer to spray down your roof. It can be tempting because of the ease of use, but a strong water jet has the potential to force moisture beneath the surface of your roof, which can then lead to leaks and water damage. A metal brush is a much better option. Not only will it avoid damage, but it will also allow you more control.

Trim Your Trees

When tree branches rub against a metal roof, they can cause damage. However, trees also provide shade that can cool your roof and help keep your air-conditioning costs low. A good compromise is to have trees around the home but ensure that their branches don’t rub against the roof. Keeping your trees trimmed will help you protect your roof and avoid annoying creaks as the branches move in the wind.

Clean Your Gutters

Debris will damage your gutters as well as your roof. On top of that, when the gutters are clogged, moisture can build up and begin to puddle on the roof. This can lead to corrosion and eventual leaks. Clean your gutters regularly or hire someone for the job.

Inspect the Roof Regularly

Once or twice a year, inspect your roof for signs of damage. This is the most important element of metal roof maintenance, because it can prevent minor issues from turning into major problems.

  • Check your roof penetrations for leaks, especially the air vents and skylights. If you spot a crack, fill it with a flexible sealant.
  • Inspect the areas around the chimney, heat vents, and oil condensers, as they can break down paint and corrode metal.
  • Look for loose flashings, sheets, fasteners, or punctures from falling objects. If you spot any, repair them promptly.
  • Inspect your roof for paint scratches and touch up any flaws.
  • If you have multiple types of metal on your roof, make sure that certain varieties, such as aluminum and galvanized steel, do not rub against each other. The interaction between these and other metals can lead to corrosion.
  • If you have exposed fasteners, check that they are installed correctly, tightened properly, and in good condition.
  • Check the closures and venting materials of any transitions, end walls, ridge caps, etc. If the material appears loose or broken down, replace it.

Be Careful with Repairs

You might be tempted to fix your roof yourself, but know that doing so in the wrong way could lead to further problems. If you need to tighten screws, be sure to use the correct materials for reasons mentioned above. Another problem with screws is that tightening them in lowered areas can lead to puddling and leaks.

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