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Modern Exterior Siding Ideas

modern exterior siding ideas

Today, many homeowners would rather improve their current home than pack up and move to a new one. If you love your home but think it needs a face-lift, consider some contemporary siding! New siding can give your home’s exterior an entirely different appearance and leave a lasting impression on your visitors, your neighbors, and your family, and a modern look will make your curb appeal soar. If you don’t know where to start, our list of modern exterior siding ideas should get you thinking!


Modern Exterior Siding Ideas

Consider your material.
We recently discussed different types of exterior siding you might choose for your home—some we covered are traditional, while others are more modern. Fiber cement siding is one of the newer exterior siding options, so choosing that for your home will instantly give it a modern look. Plus, it is extremely durable. And while wood siding might feel rustic and traditional, you can make it look contemporary depending on your chosen grade and finish.

Mix it up.
This is a great way to get creative with your home—who says everything needs to look perfectly uniform? These days, some variance is a good curb appeal booster. Think about using more than one material for your exterior siding, like stucco and synthetic stone, or two different types of wood. Doing this will make your home really stand out!

Another way to use this idea is to vary your exterior’s color palette—think of unusual but complementary color combinations like deep navy with warm beige, or gray with a pastel shade. If you really want your home to pop, maybe you’d like a stark-white home with bright- or dark-colored accents.

This is also a good idea if you’d like to stay more traditional with your material, or if your budget allows for just a few small upgrades—you can still make over your siding without stepping too far outside your comfort zone. If you like this idea but don’t know where to get started, remember that we are a phone call away.

Go to the dark side.
Do you think of eerie Addams Family-style houses when you think of houses that are all black? Don’t! Black exterior siding is a very modern choice that will make your home look unique and sophisticated. You can veer away from the eerie feel yet by adding white or colorful accents for contrast. Still don’t like the idea of a black house? Consider gray—this is another currently popular color, and offers many shades for many different looks.

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