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Do puddles appear in your yard after rainstorms? Are you concerned that excess water is damaging your home’s foundation? Does your driveway flood when it rains? Effective drain systems can solve all of these issues, removing surface or subsurface water from the area and conveying it to a better location. They’re designed to whisk away excess water as quickly as possible to protect your home or commercial building, landscaping, driveway, walkways, and more from water damage. Without a drain system, your property could fall victim to mold, mildew, rotting, or structural damage. Contact Taylor-Made Roofing to explore the drain systems available and discuss how they might complement the design and attributes of your specific property.

Drain Systems

Gutter Systems

Gutters collect rainwater and melting ice and snow from your roof and convey it to the ground using downspouts, which are connected to the gutters. If the downspouts empty out onto a slope, the water can be diverted away from the property. Sometimes a splash block or downspout extension will be used to carry the water away and ensure that it doesn’t pool around the base of the downspout.

Slope Drainage Systems

With the help of a pipe positioned on a slope, slope drainage systems help water flow down from a structure to a more appropriate location. The pipe is installed and anchored at a minor incline, allowing water to easily flow through. This is a simple system that, like most drainage systems, takes advantage of gravity.

Subsurface Drainage Systems

Also known as French drains, subsurface drainage systems are placed beneath the top layer of soil, at the root level, to remove excess water from waterlogged soil. If roots sit in water for too long, they will deteriorate and the plant will die. To install a subsurface drainage system, the contractor must dig deep ditches to install the underground collection pipes. The system may require a sump pump to push the water through the pipes.

Surface Drainage Systems

Successful surface drainage systems employ shallow ditches, which are dug in a parallel pattern. These ditches act like canals, conveying run-off water away from the property or into a main drain to avoid pooling and flooding. They’re useful in flat areas that receive a lot of precipitation and are often constructed around buildings, walkways, and driveways.

All homes and commercial properties must use drainage systems to prevent water damage that could harm the structure or the landscaping. If you spot any issues with your drainage system, contact Taylor-Made Roofing so that our experts can remedy the situation. Our guttering experts can help you explore your options and improve your gutter system.

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