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A gutter system is an arrangement of gutters and downspouts attached to a property that collects rainwater and safely transports it to the ground. These systems protect a property’s foundation and landscaping and prevent water damage and erosion. At Taylor-Made Roofing, our guttering experts can assist with both residential and commercial gutter systems.

How Gutter Systems Work

Many different parts must work together to efficiently collect rainwater from a roof and convey it to a safe location. The following parts make up most gutter systems:


The gutters capture the water shedding off the roof, including rainwater, melting snow, and melting ice. They must have the capacity and strength to hold the water streaming off the roof without overflowing or collapsing.

End Caps

The end caps close off the ends of the gutters, preventing water from escaping. The end caps must fully seal off the openings to prevent leaks, and they must be securely attached to the gutter so that they don’t fall off during heavy downpours.

Fascia Brackets

The fascia brackets attach to the eaves of the roof (the part that meets or overhangs the exterior walls of the home/building) and support the gutters from below.


The downspout (sometimes called the leader) transports water from the gutters to the ground. It is typically fully enclosed but open-face downspouts are available.

Downspout Brackets

The downspout brackets secure the downspout to the side of the house.


Elbows change the direction of the downspout, like your elbows change the angles of your arm. They help guide the water to an appropriate spot.

Optional Accessories

Almost all properties contain the items listed above, as they’re the basis of a simple, effective gutter system. However, many property owners choose to add additional items to further improve their gutter system. Whether you choose to incorporate these optional accessories will depend on your aesthetic preferences and the particular aspects of your property.

Rain Chains

An alternative to a downspout is a rain chain, which is traditionally a chain (a series of metal links) that guides rainwater to the ground. There are also decorative versions of rain chains involving cups and sculptural objects. Rain chains fulfill the same function as downspouts, but many have the added benefit of being beautiful objects that can accent the property’s architecture.

Splash Blocks

Splash blocks are simple devices that channel water away from the foundation of a home/building. They’re typically rectangular with a close-ended side (that sits under the downspout) and an open-ended side (that directs water away from the foundation). Typically made of plastic or concrete, splash blocks also prevent water from splashing on the ground and creating mud stains on the property’s exterior walls.

Gutter Guards/Leaf Screens

Gutter guards (also called leaf screens) sit on top or inside of the gutter and prevent debris from entering the gutter and clogging it up. Several different options are available, including micro mesh, foam, brush, surface tension, and screen gutter guards. While gutter guards won’t fend off all debris, they can reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your gutters.

Purchasing and Maintaining a Gutter System

Whether you’re adding a gutter system to new construction or replacing an old gutter system that is on its last legs, Taylor-Made Roofing can help. The style and size of your property will dictate the placement of the system, and we can help you explore the product options available to you. We will ensure that your gutter system is efficient, durable, and properly maintained.

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