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Although it is tremendously important to choose your roofing materials wisely and have them installed correctly, never forget about the maintenance that comes afterward. In addition to examining the roof from time to time yourself, you will need to call in an experienced roofer for regular inspections and repairs. Give Taylor-Made Roofing a call to get started!

Recommended Maintenance

First, examine your roof on your own from time to time. You can do this from the ground with binoculars or by climbing onto the roof. When you notice a problem, simply give Taylor-Made Roofing a call so that we can repair it straightaway. Next, schedule a yearly check-up for your roof. During this inspection, we will use our professional expertise to catch and repair minor problems before they become major issues. Although homeowners can look for concerning roofing problems on their own, a professional’s opinion is crucial if you want to ensure that your roof remains reliable for decades to come.

In addition, don’t forget to keep your gutters clear of debris. If you find this chore frustrating, consider installing a gutter guard to lessen the frequency and strenuousness of the task. Finally, keep track of your roof’s age, and as it’s nearing the end of its life, watch for signs of disrepair so that you know when to replace it.

Basic Roof Maintenance

Although roof maintenance doesn’t take long to perform, it can help you avoid costly and time-intensive repairs throughout your roof’s life. If you notice any of the following issues, contact Taylor-Made Roofing to schedule a quick repair or a major remodel:

Shingles that are buckling, curling, blistering, missing granules, etc.
Cracked caulk or rust spots on the flashing
Missing or broken shingles
Rubber flashing boots that are cracked or worn
Missing or damaged chimney cap
Damaged, ineffective gutters
Leaks or excess moisture in the attic
Fully licensed and insured, Taylor-Made Roofing is ready to handle your roof, gutter, siding, or window project. Give us a call at 417-326-8778 for a free estimate.
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