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Whether you’re concerned about the function of your wooden roof, your home’s curb appeal, or both, you may be interested in wood shake conversions. Taylor-Made Roofing can help you transform your old wood shake roof into a new shingled roof.

Our talented team is experienced in wood shake conversions and can diagnose problems with your existing roof and help you determine whether to reroof or convert. We can also help you explore modern shingles so that you can find a replacement product that is easy to maintain, requires few repairs, and comes with an excellent warranty. Once you select a product, we will put our expert workmanship to good use, transforming your ramshackle roof into a modern, reliable roofing system.

The Limitations of Wood Roofs

With their rustic beauty and timeless style, it’s hard to deny the aesthetic appeal of wood shingles and shakes. However, wood shingles are also known for their extensive maintenance requirements, vulnerability to moisture and pests, and susceptibility to discoloration. Although they were popular decades ago, many of those old wooden roofs are now damaged and discolored.

We encourage you to explore wood shake conversions if you’re concerned about the following limitations of natural wood roofing:

Weathering, deterioration, and discoloration
Attraction of pests like termites, silverfish, and spiders
Tricky installation and repairs
Difficulty replacing a single shake/shingle
High level of maintenance required

Spaced vs. Solid Decking

Wood shake roofs are typically installed over spaced decking for two important reasons. First, wood shakes absorb moisture on wet days and dry out due to the sun, wind, and heat. When shingles dry unevenly (with the upward-facing side drying far sooner than the downward-facing side), they may curl or warp, which can lead to cracking and splitting. Spaced decking allows air to flow under the shingles so that they can dry out more quickly and evenly. Second, by allowing moisture to escape from beneath and around the shingles, spaced decking prevents moisture damage. This helps fend off algae and mold as well.

While spaced decking is ideal for wood shakes, it cannot support asphalt or composite shingles. If you decide to convert your wood shake roof to traditional asphalt shingles or composite shingles, we will need to install a solid deck surface. Solid decking provides support for traditional shingles and prevents water penetration. It also provides stability, making it easier to walk on the roof during inspections and repairs. Because modern shingles and roofing underlayments are breathable, gaps in the decking are not necessary.

Simulated Wood Roofing

Have you considered the benefits of synthetic wood roofing materials? If you wish to replace your natural wood roofing with an alternative, synthetic wood roofing materials are a great option. They mimic the natural, rustic beauty of wood roofing (including the depth and dimension of wood) while increasing its performance qualities. Simulated wood roofing materials typically offer the following benefits:

Longer warranty
Algae resistance
Fire resistance
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