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The Benefits of a BUR Roof System

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Did you know that nearly every Walgreens in America has a BUR roof system? If you’re not sure what that means, you’re in the right place. What are the benefits of a BUR roof system, and why do so many businesses rely on them?

The Benefits of a BUR Roof System

If you’re trying to learn more about commercial roofing systems, you might be curious to know what some of the most successful businesses in America use on their buildings. That’s why it’s interesting to note that almost every Walgreens in America has a built-up-roofing (BUR) system on top of their building. BUR roofing is a time-tested technology that has stuck around for a reason. But what is a BUR roof system, and is it the right choice for your business?

What Is a BUR Roof System?

There are many significant differences between commercial roofing and residential roofing. One of the main differences is that while residential roofs are pitched, commercial roofs tend to be flat. This is because flat roofs are easier to install on large buildings, and also offer space to store air conditioners and other equipment needed to make the building comfortable. A commercial roofing system needs to be able to withstand the weight of equipment and be sturdy enough to cover a large space in a cost-effective way.

Since commercial roofing systems have a slightly different function than residential roofing systems, it’s probably not surprising to learn that they’re often made of different materials. One of the most common commercial roofing systems is a BUR roof system. A BUR roof system consists of layers of waterproof material that are sealed together with hot asphalt. The system is typically capped with a layer of gravel or other weighted material for extra security.

Why Should I Get a BUR Roof System?

It may sound low-tech, but there is a reason businesses like Walgreens rely on BUR roof systems. They offer all the following benefits:

  • BUR roof systems go the distance. Because they are made of stone and asphalt, BUR roofs are some of the most long-lived roofs you can invest in. Some contractors even estimate that you can add five years to the lifespan of a BUR roof with every layer you put on it. A well-constructed BUR roof can last 20 years or more.
  • BUR roof systems are durable. It’s good to know that your roof will be fine if nothing goes wrong, but accidents can still happen. A roof needs to be able to survive everything from inclement weather to everyday wear and tear. BUR roofs are heat resistant, UV resistant, and even resistant to impact. A BUR roof is a shortcut to peace of mind.
  • BUR roofs are easy to maintain. Unlike more complex roof systems, BUR roofs are low-maintenance and tend to be inexpensive to repair. Repairs usually involve simply replacing layers of asphalt as needed and are usually rare.
  • BUR roofs are an affordable option. A business owner can typically get a BUR roof installed for between four and seven dollars per square foot. While it’s not the absolute cheapest roof you can get, you should also factor in the lack of maintenance needed and the durability of the material. BUR is a great material to work with if you’re trying to make the most out of your building budget.


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