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Types of Home Windows

Kitchen with a Wall of Windows

Imagine a house without windows. Whether you’re picturing a historic bungalow or a mid-century beauty, the result will be the same: a dark, stagnant, incomplete structure. Windows aren’t just necessary for safety and ventilation; they also dramatically transform a home’s interior and exterior. Selecting the right windows for your home isn’t always an easy task, but reviewing the types of home windows available is a good place to start.

Types of Home Windows

Single- and Double-Hung Windows

If the pollen and pollution counts are low and the weather is nice, who doesn’t love welcoming fresh air into their home? Single- and double-hung windows allow you to do just that. On single-hung windows, you can open the bottom half of the window, while the top half remains stationary. Double-hung windows include both moveable top and bottom openings. This makes cleaning a breeze – but at a price. Double-hung windows often cost twice as much as single-hung windows. 

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay windows, which project outward from an exterior wall, are often associated with mansions constructed during the early English Renaissance (source). They give nearly any home a timeless feel. Some homeowners use them to create cozy reading nooks, while others hang flower boxes outside of them to take advantage of their architectural interest. Very similar to bay windows, bow windows are made out of custom, curved glass rather than straight, angular glass.

Arched Windows

Versatile and striking, arched windows complement a variety of homes, including historical, traditional, and modern abodes. Keep in mind that most arched windows don’t open or close; they’re purely for looks and for welcoming in light.

Awning Windows

Leaving your windows open during the rain is all fun and games until it starts to soak your home. If you live in a rainy region or you just love the ritual of listening to the rain with a candle and a cup of tea in hand, then consider choosing awning windows. These windows hinge at the top, and when they open, they create an awning that shields your home from the rain. 

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged on one side and open outward to the left or right, providing full top-to-bottom ventilation and an unobstructed view. They’re perfect for homeowners who want to let in a lot of fresh air, and they’re often found in pairs above kitchen sinks.

Skylight Windows

To welcome more natural light into your home, consider incorporating skylight windows. They can brighten up any room that doesn’t have an exterior wall. Add one above your bed if you like waking up to natural sunlight or to your living room to impress guests. 

Picture Windows

If you have a nice view of rolling hills or lush woods, bring the beauty of the outdoors in with picture windows. Picture windows are fixed windows that you can’t open. These windows don’t have panes and sometimes lack trim in an effort to keep the view as clear as possible.

Transom Windows

Transom windows are timeless. You might find them in a 1940s Craftsman-style home or a 1920s farmhouse, but they’re also commonly used in newer homes. Long and typically rectangular, transom windows rest on the horizontal beam above a doorway or another window. They’re usually decorative, but some do offer ventilation. 


One last word to the wise: After you select the types of home windows you want to use, consider investing in double-pane windows. Your utility savings will offset the added cost.

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