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Types of Skylights

Bedroom with skylight

If you’re interested in a home filled with natural light, warmth, and outdoor splendor, a skylight might be a worthwhile home investment. Skylights are, in essence, windows that are located on your home’s roof, giving you immediate access to starry skies and sunny days and often providing a bit of welcome ventilation. Not sure where to start? We offer several types of high-quality VELUX skylights – but what are the different types of skylights, and which is the best option for your home?

Types of Skylights

Type 1: Fixed Skylights

If you’ve already started browsing skylight options, chances are that you’ve mostly seen fixed skylights. Fixed skylights are the most popular type of skylight for several reasons. First, manufacturers specifically design fixed skylights for out-of-reach areas like ceilings. While fixed skylights don’t provide ventilation, professionals do carefully install them to be weather-tight and energy efficient. Fixed skylights offer an easy, relatively affordable way to add natural sunlight into any room in your home. In addition, VELUX fixed skylights are highly customizable, with a range of standard and custom sizes and several glazing options to match any home aesthetic. The only downside of fixed skylights is their regular inflexibility, making it difficult to install them around attic obstructions. In that case, tubular skylights may be a better option.

Type 2: Tubular Skylights

As you might imagine, tubular skylights are tube-shaped devices. Unlike traditional fixed skylights, tubular skylights capture light through a rooftop lens and a reflective-lined tube. Think of the system like a periscope, delivering sunlight to the home’s interior without requiring a direct line of sight. Tubular skylights are also a bit more compact than standard fixed skylights. For that reason, you’ll often find that they are easier and more affordable to install. Plus, tubular skylights are available with either rigid, adjustable, or flexible tubing, which makes them a great option for tight, difficult spaces like pantries, hallways, and even closets. If you’re working with a tight or oddly shaped area of your home, a tubular skylight might be the perfect option.

Type 3: Vented Skylights

As the name suggests, vented skylights provide ventilation and airflow in rooms like kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms – basically, any space prone to excess moisture. Vented skylights are also a good choice for stuffy attics, helping to remove musty air from the space. While vented skylights are flexible options for high or cathedral ceilings, they can also be prone to leaks and condensation. To keep your vented skylight fully functional, you’ll need to commit to regular cleaning and inspection – especially if you live in an area prone to volatile weather conditions.


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