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When to Replace a Shingle Roof


Nothing lasts forever, I’m afraid. Although shingle roofs can last for many years (two decades, in fact), their years of service will wear them down eventually. Because of this, it’s crucial that you keep an eye on your roof in its later years, taking note of its condition and spotting changes, so that you can have your roof replaced before it causes significant damage to your home. The big question is: when should you make that leap? Make note of the warning signs we’ve listed below, so that you know when to replace a shingle roof and when to simply repair it.

When to Replace a Shingle Roof


Your roof is very old, and the shingles are showing their age. Once your roof reaches 20 years old, you should watch it more carefully. Inspect it at least twice a year, looking for shingles that are in bad health. These shingles might be lifting up, curling on the edges, cracked, missing granules (creating smooth, dark spots), or missing entirely. If your roof appears damaged, call in a roofer to decide if it’s finally time to replace the roof.

You spot holes or water damage in the attic. On a bright and sunny day, go into your attic and look up at the roof, paying close attention to the area around the chimney and stack vent. Do you see little rays of sunlight pushing through the flashing? On another day, after a heavy rainstorm, go into the attic and look for water staining and moist spots. Has the rain infiltrated your home? Holes, leaks, and water damage all signify that your roof is in a state of disrepair. Call a roofing professional to give your roof a check-up, and ask if it’s time for a total roof replacement.

A section of the roof is damaged. If your roof is partially damaged due to strong winds or a destructive storm, you could have it partially reroofed. This will cost much less than replacing the entire roof, but it will almost certainly compromise your roof’s aesthetic uniformity. 

You want to sell your house, but your roof is patchy. As the years go by, you may need to replace single shingles or entire sections of your roof. If these repairs occur years after the original installation, the new shingles will likely not match the old. Although a patched roof can be structurally sound, it won’t look flawlessly beautiful, and it may cause homebuyers to question how you’ve cared for your roof over the years. So if it is nearing the end of its life and prominent patches are scaring buyers, you may want to have the roof replaced entirely.

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