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When to Replace Gutters

Man Replacing Gutters on Exterior of House

Roofing systems tend to get the glory, but your home’s gutter system has an important role to play. Gutters keep rainwater and storm debris away from your home’s foundation, preventing moisture damage and mold growth. Like any major home appliance, gutters grow less effective over time, typically lasting about 20 years before they require replacement. To keep your home’s foundation moisture-free, make sure you understand when to replace gutters and how to care for them over time.

When to Replace Gutters

Inspecting Your Gutters

If you think it might be time to replace your gutters, start with a cursory inspection. Check your gutters for problem areas like rust, sagging or splitting seams, or gaping holes. You should also keep an eye out for loose fasteners, which are typically a quick fix. If you don’t see any signs of damage, check your home’s exterior. Peeling paint is a little-known sign that your gutters may need replacing. Finally, take a look at your gutters during a rain shower. The water should flow smoothly out of your gutter system’s downspouts. If you see water flowing straight from the roof to the ground or spots where water is leaking out of the bottoms of the gutters, it might be time for a gutter replacement.

Is It Time for a Replacement?

Keep in mind that you might not need a full gutter replacement. If your gutters are still fairly new, an easy repair might be in order. If your fasteners are still holding up, a professional can easily reattach sagging or bent gutters. While small gutter repairs may seem like an easy weekend project, your best bet is to work with a professional. The same policy applies for gutters with gaping holes or large split seams, which need to be replaced by a professional who can do the job without damaging the roof or siding of your home. Contact a roofing professional to replace rusty gutters as soon as possible, before water has the chance to damage your home’s foundation.

Maintaining Your New Gutters

A gutter replacement is an investment – an investment you can protect through regular gutter maintenance. This includes thorough gutter cleanings every spring and fall, routine inspections after severe weather, and the replacement of missing or malfunctioning hardware as soon as possible. If you’re not sure what to look for when it’s time to inspect your gutters, reach out to an experienced professional in your area. With a few quick tricks, you can keep your gutters working great for decades.


If you’re not sure when to replace gutters, look out for signs of wear and tear, including rust, loose fasteners, and damage to the surrounding house paint. Overall, keeping up with gutter repair and replacement is an important way to protect your home’s foundation from moisture damage and mold.

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