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Why You Need a Roof Inspection

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Did you know that a roof replacement is one of the highest-value home improvement projects you can do? Maintaining the value of your home partially depends on maintaining your roof. But this is only one of the many reasons why you need a roof inspection.

Why You Need a Roof Inspection

In a recent survey, home improvement experts compared common projects that add value to homes. A roof replacement was the clear winner. Not only did it pay for itself once it came time to sell the house, but the homeowner made a profit of over one thousand dollars on that project alone!

What does this have to do with roof inspections? Well, consider why the improvement raised the home’s value. A single undetected roof leak can cause upwards of $20,000 in damage to your house. Investing in your roof is a small price to pay in comparison. And if you ever sell your house, being able to prove your roof is in good repair can help you get the money you’re looking for on the table.

However, those aren’t the only reasons why you need a roof inspection. Even if you never plan to sell your home, routine roof inspections are an important part of home maintenance. 

When Should I Get My Roof Inspected?

You should get your roof inspected any time you notice or suspect damage has occurred. It’s wise to have your roof inspected after significant weather events, like hurricanes or tornadoes. It’s also smart to have your roof inspected if you see visible damage, such as missing shingles, cracks, or divots in the roof surface. However, roofs can be damaged in ways that are not immediately apparent to the naked eye. For this reason, yearly roof inspections need to be a part of your home maintenance plan. 

In order to make sure your roof is in good shape all year, you should schedule roof inspections for the spring. This will allow the inspector to assess any damage you may not have noticed from the harsh winter weather, and also give you time to get any needed repairs done before the next winter. You should have your roof inspected at least once a year for the following issues:

Structural Issues

While your roof might look fine to you, there are some structural issues that only an experienced roofer can spot. They will look for evidence of sagging, uneven surfaces, or anything that indicates there are issues occurring underneath the shingles. They’ll also inspect structures such as vents and chimneys to ensure they are still tightly sealed and not allowing moisture into your home.

Material Issues

Even if the roof seems structurally fine, the materials used to make it can give you hints that something is awry. Moss or mold growing on shingles, or rust on a metal roof, can indicate a moisture issue. Broken or degrading shingles can also indicate that a roof is aging past its shelf life. Holes or divots in roof materials can signal issues with weather damage or infestation.

Workmanship Issues

When it comes to work that’s done on your roof, a second opinion is a good idea. A good roofer will survey the work that has been done and look for work that needs to be completed. This can include making sure shingles are attached correctly, checking that patches or other work done since the roof installation are still in place, and also providing general maintenance suggestions.


The most important reason why you need a roof inspection is that it allows you to solve roofing problems before they affect your home. Give us a call, and let us help you get started.

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