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Winter Roofing Tips

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No matter what your feelings about the upcoming winter season are, one thing is certain: your roof hates it. Between heavy snow (and we mean heavy—each cubic foot can add up to twenty pounds on your roof) and thick ice, there’s a lot that could damage your roof during these next few months. Learning our key winter roofing tips will prevent leaks and costly repairs, and will keep your roof working as efficiently as possible this season!


Winter Roofing Tips

Do some prep work.
Before winter hits, you’ll want to have your roof inspected. If you’re handy and comfortable doing it yourself, you certainly can. Otherwise, consider calling in a roofing professional. If you’re inspecting the roof yourself, here’s what you’ll be looking for:

  • Holes and cracks. Look carefully at your shingles to make sure they are all intact, and do the same for your roof vents.
  • Problems with flashing. Flashing—the metal strips that help prevent leaks—are essential during winter. Look for cracks and tears in your flashing while you’re up on the roof.
  • Weak structure. Walk around on your roof and note any spots that sag, or places that seem soft or give a little.

Each of these problems could lead to leaks and unexpected repairs during winter, so you’ll want them fixed before the weather drops.

Keep up with regular maintenance.
Unfortunately, simply prepping your roof for the season is not enough to ensure it will be leak-free. You’ll need to keep a careful eye out for common problems that arise during winter. These next few months, watch for:

  • Debris on your roof. Natural debris that falls or blows onto your roof can prevent water runoff, inviting ice patches. Clear this off when you notice it, using a roof rake if you’re not comfortable climbing up on a ladder. You can help reduce this debris by trimming any nearby tree branches.
  • Full or clogged gutters. Similarly, gutters that are full won’t allow water to drain, allowing ice dams to form. Ice dams allow fresh water to work its way up your shingles and potentially leak through your roof.
  • Heavy snowstorms. Wet, weighty snow can deal a lot of damage, ranging from irritating leaks to devastating roof collapses. If your area experiences heavy snowfall, think about calling in a roofing professional to remove it for you. This is the safest option. If you’re set on doing it yourself, focus on the eaves and valleys of your roof, as these are the spots most prone to snow-related problems. The same goes for ice on your roof.
    • If you have a flat roof, removing snow and ice from your entire roof is imperative, and usually requires a professional.

Taking these precautions should keep you from facing any serious problems this season, but when you’re in a bind, you can always rely on a roofing professional.


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