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A Cheap Roof Probably Isn’t the Best Roof

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When it comes time to upgrade your roof, a cheap roof can be a tempting option – after all, installing a new roof is one of the largest investments you’ll make as a homeowner. But you get what you pay for when it comes to professional roofing. While some homeowners may automatically look for the cheapest roofing available, an inexpensive roof can ultimately lead to unexpected costs in terms of energy efficiency and roof durability.

A Cheap Roof Probably Isn’t the Best Roof

The Problem with Cheap Materials

When it comes time to select materials for your new roof, low-quality materials often come at a tempting price. Unfortunately, they also perform extremely poorly. They crack and fade in extreme temperatures, and may expand and shrink as the weather changes, leading to hazardous gaps. Additionally, cheap roofing materials have a high tear-off and replacement rate, leading to unnecessary environmental waste. Finally, manufacturers produce cheaper roofing materials at a high toll to the environment.

Overall, the cheapest roofing materials are often the lowest quality, in addition to being environmental liabilities. 

The Problem with Cheap Labor

Some homeowners may consider tackling a re-roofing project themselves – however, that usually isn’t the best idea. A homeowner who lacks the right tools and experience could make a mistake that reduces the roof’s integrity over time (not to mention the safety concerns).

That said, it’s also crucial to shop carefully when choosing a roofing professional. If a roofer presents a quote that seems too good to be true, it probably is. The unfortunate truth is that not all roofers deliver a trustworthy performance. A reliable roofing professional should exhibit several characteristics to prove they’re worthy of your business:

  • Familiarity with local building codes
  • Familiarity with roofing best practices, including re-roofing
  • A sharp eye for existing damage to your home’s roof or overall structure
  • Environmentally-friendly waste disposal practices
  • Positive, open communication throughout the roofing process

Understanding Roofing Costs

Ultimately, roof repairs, maintenance tasks, and roof replacements are investments that homeowners should approach with eyes wide open. Start by researching the average roofing costs in your area. According to Angie’s List, as a general starting point, a standard 2,200- to 3,400-square-foot roof replacement may cost up to $12,000, which includes removing your existing roof and installing the new shingles. While that price tag may seem daunting, a properly installed roof will protect your home for decades. Keep in mind that major savings on the front end of installation can take their toll a few years down the line. When in doubt, work with a few different roofing professionals to get several quotes before you choose the option that works best for you.


A less-than-reliable roof can spell disaster for your home. While the savings associated with a cheap roof can certainly be tempting, it’s your responsibility to weed out predatory offers and untrustworthy roofing practices. When working with a new roofing professional, don’t be afraid to ask about industry certification and regional best practices.

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