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Roofing Scams: Watch Out for These Red Flags

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A well-functioning roof is a non-negotiable. Unfortunately, that fact makes it easier for fraudulent roofing contractors to take advantage of desperate homeowners by pushing unnecessary services or overcharging for shoddy work. From storm chasing to insurance fraud, keep an eye out for these common roofing scams.

Roofing Scams: Watch Out for These Red Flags

The Storm Chaser

Storm chasing is perhaps the most common roofing scam. Despite its notoriety, homeowners across the country still fall victim to this tactic every year. Storm-chasing roofers travel around the country, looking for homeowners to exploit in the wake of severe hail or wind damage. These scammers may offer things that seem too good to be true (like a steal-of-a-deal starting quote). From there, storm chasers typically perform shoddy roof replacements, leaving the homeowner with a poorly constructed roof that may only last a few years. Of course, by the time the homeowner realizes the quality of the work, the storm chasers have moved on to another part of the country without a trace.

Sketchy Sales Tactics

Some roofing contractors will tempt homeowners with exceptionally low rates, then pressure the potential customers to sign a predatory contract on the spot. This tactic is especially tricky because most homeowners are unfamiliar with the typical price point of a roof repair or a roof replacement. While many homeowners will conduct research before signing on the dotted line, high-pressure sales tactics can be confusing and overwhelming, making it easy for uninformed homeowners to fall victim to a costly scam. To protect yourself against this scam, make sure to get estimates from up to five roofing contractors before signing anything.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is one of the most egregious roofing scams sweeping today’s market. In this scenario, a fraudulent roofing company representative convinces a homeowner to cash an insurance check as a down payment – disappearing soon after. The checks are often made out to the homeowner and their mortgage company, leading scammers to forge endorsement stamps on the back of the check so they can deposit it. This comes at a major cost to the homeowner and can complicate their insurance dealings moving forward.

Unnecessary Repairs

Some roofing companies try to sell homeowners unnecessary roof repairs. This can be a difficult scam to spot, especially if you are unfamiliar with the inner works of your roof. On the one hand, it’s important to prioritize thorough service. But on the other hand, a roofing contractor should focus on saving you money while delivering top-notch service. If you feel uncomfortable with the number of repairs a roofing contractor wants to make, feel free to get a second – or even a third – opinion. Ultimately, you should feel completely comfortable with your contractor before signing anything.


Unfortunately, roofing scams abound in today’s market. If you’re in the market for a roof repair or replacement, make sure to keep an eye out for the signs of a reputable roofing company: open communication, a wealth of knowledge on best practices, years of experience, top-notch reviews, and thorough insurance coverage. If you’re struggling to find options, ask friends and family for local recommendations.

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