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Composite Slate Roofing 101

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Classic slate shingles have an undeniable appeal, offering a classic, faintly European look. When you think of slate, you might think of stately homes, towering cathedrals, and gorgeous university buildings. While classic slate roofing is certainly attractive, it’s extremely expensive to produce and install. Classic slate roofing is expensive to source, tedious and heavy during installation, and not particularly durable once installed, with a tendency toward cracking. Interested in the classic look of slate roofing – but don’t want to deal with the cost or the maintenance issues? Composite slate roofing could be a great option for your home. Let’s dig into composite slate roofing 101.

Composite Slate Roofing 101

How Are Composite Roofs Made?

Composite, or synthetic, slate shingles offer all of the aesthetic appeal of classic slate roofing at a more reasonable price and they’re a lot easier to install. Composite shingles are made with strength and durability in mind. Typically, composite shingles are made from a combination of plastic and rubber, which is designed to mirror the look of authentic slate without any of the headaches. The shingles may also be made with asphalt, wood, laminate, or similar materials for added durability.

How Does the Quality Compare to Real Slate Roofing?

The combination of materials in composite slate shingles allows them to last much longer than authentic slate, giving them an equally lightweight and durable quality. The lightweight nature of composite shingles also allows them to hold up well in extreme weather conditions without cracking or warping. Additionally, composite slate shingles are easily replaceable in the rare instance of damage. Another great thing about composite shingles: They carry a longer warranty than traditional asphalt shingles. That warranty is great news for homes in areas prone to volatile weather conditions.

How Much Does Composite Slate Roofing Cost?

For most homeowners, cost is one of the most important factors when deciding between roofing materials. A natural slate roof is going to cost a pretty penny – around $26,500 for an average-sized roof on an American home. On the contrary, on a similarly sized roof, the average composite slate roof costs between $14,400 and 17,600, depending on location and labor. Of course both of these numbers also depend on the product you choose.

How Customizable Is Composite Slate Roofing?

So you’ve decided on composite slate roofing – but can you customize your shingles for the look you want? The answer is yes. Composite roofs can mimic the look of several different kinds of roofing materials including slate and cedar shingles. We already know that composite slate roofing is more affordable and more durable than traditional slate roofing; however, it’s also more customizable, with more color options to fit every home. More color options and greater durability means you can get the look and feel of the roof you’ve always wanted with much less hassle.


Overall, composite slate roofs are a lightweight, attractive, low-fuss roofing option. Composite slate shingles can be a great option for a brand new roof or a shingle replacement, lending a classic look to any building with none of the hassle of traditional slate roofing.

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