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How Do Solar Panels Affect Your Roof?

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The sun provides plentiful free energy, but you need the right technology to take advantage of that energy. While solar panels are a large investment, they provide numerous benefits to help offset their initial cost. They can lower your electric bills, shrink your carbon footprint, and potentially boost your home’s value. Plus, you may be able to lower your taxes through the Residential Clean Energy Credit. But is your home — and more specifically, your roof — ready to support a system of solar panels? How do solar panels affect your roof?

How Do Solar Panels Affect Your Roof?

Investing in solar energy can be expensive, but of course, a roof is an even greater investment. So, if you’re exploring the possibilities presented by solar energy, it’s only natural that you might worry about the installation of solar panels damaging your roof. How do solar panels affect your roof?

With proper installation, solar panels will not harm most roofs.

Consider scheduling your annual roof inspection before you purchase solar panels. Your roofer can check that your roof is in good condition and able to handle the additional weight of solar panels. If possible, it’s best to install solar panels shortly after replacing your roof. That way, your roof and solar panels can grow old together, and you won’t have to remove the solar panels to install a new roof, which can be expensive.

In addition, make sure that you choose an experienced, reputable, and licensed company to install your solar panels. Ask for references, check their online reviews, and ask about their techniques. Typically, solar panels are installed using deep drill holes, which hold lag bolts that secure the racking. Their size and depth vary based on the specific roof. Although it may sound concerning to have huge holes in your roof, the lag bolts are surrounded by flashing and sealant to prevent water from seeping inside.

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So long as your roof is in good condition and you work with professionals, solar panels shouldn’t impact the integrity of your roof’s infrastructure.

Solar panels can actually protect your roof from the elements.

Because solar panels create a barrier between your roof and the sun, they absorb a lot of the heat that would otherwise reach your roof, which helps keep your roof cooler in the summer. They also prevent the sun from bleaching your shingles and drying them out. In addition, air flows between the solar panels and the roof, and this ventilation helps keep your roof cool. Plus, solar panels can protect your roof from inclement weather, including snow, ice, and hail.

Solar panels will need to be removed if the roof requires repair or replacement.

In an ideal world, after your solar panels are installed, they can remain in place for years, steadfast and stalwart. But life happens! If your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, the solar panels must be removed and reinstalled. Remember to factor this into the cost.


Solar panels work in a variety of climates and can stand up to harsh weather. They’re environmentally friendly and can help you save when it comes to your electricity bills. Plus, instead of damaging your roof, they may help protect it!

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