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How to Make Your Roof Last Longer

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It should come as no surprise that roofs are not cheap. They play an absolutely essential role in protecting your family and belongings, so they must be constructed from high-quality materials, designed for durability, and installed properly, all of which lead to a higher price tag. Would you trust a flimsy, discounted roof? Of course not! All this to say, when you invest in a new roof for your home, you expect that roof to last for many years. Although the biggest factor that impacts longevity is out of your control — the weather — there are several steps that you can take to protect your roof. Scroll down to learn how to make your roof last longer.

How to Make Your Roof Last Longer

Evaluate your ventilation.

If your attic soffits, vents, and exhaust fan don’t provide sufficient ventilation, they can cause condensation to form on the plywood decking supporting your shingles. Given a little time, this will lead to rot. Poor ventilation can also lead to overheated shingles (which may break or crack) and ice dams. If you think this could be a concern, hire a contractor to check your ventilation system and offer advice.

Clean your gutters regularly.

When you clean leaves, sticks, and debris out of your gutters, you help water flow away from your roof (and your home) properly. This prevents water buildup that could eventually cause leaks.

Don’t power-wash your roof.

We know it can be tempting to use your power washer to clean every seemingly sturdy inch of your home’s exterior. But that extremely concentrated spray can loosen your shingles’ granules, causing serious damage. Instead, hire a professional to clean your roof when necessary — for both your roof’s integrity and your personal safety!

Consider fortifying your roof.

Here in southwest Missouri, we aren’t strangers to severe thunderstorms and tornados. To give your roof a better chance of surviving severe weather, consider fortifying it with a three-stage treatment. First, the roofers seal the decking with tape or sealant. Then, they add ring-shank nails, which have ribbing that resists wind uplift. Finally, they secure the edges with metal flashing. This upgrade will cost you a bit extra, but it offers some peace of mind. Plus, according to Consumer Reports, some home insurance companies provide a discount for fortified roofs.

Prevent ice dams through proper insulation and ventilation.

After a snowstorm, you want the snow and ice to melt and drip off your roof. But if the temperature is below freezing and your attic is warm, snow and ice may melt off the top of the roof and then re-solidify near the colder edge of the roof, creating a dam that traps meltwater. There are several ways to prevent ice dams and get rid of ice dams quickly. Use them to avoid ice dam damage that could jeopardize your roof’s safety.

Remove moss.

Although moss isn’t an enormous concern, it may cause issues if it’s allowed to linger for long enough. Clean it off (or hire a roofer to clean it off) by simply scrubbing it with a wet brush.

Trim nearby trees.

Trees may be beautiful and provide luxurious shade, but they also pose a risk if they hang over your house. Keep trees near your home well-trimmed so that the branches don’t lurk over your roof.

Pay for high-quality installation.

How can you expect a roof to hold up over the years if it’s not installed well from the start? Choose a roofing company that is licensed and certified, uses high-quality materials, and provides an excellent warranty. Make sure that the roofer provides proper underlayment as well. This waterproofing layer can prevent mold, moisture, and other damage if the top layer of your roof is damaged.

Schedule inspections and fix issues promptly.

Hire a reputable roofer to inspect your roof every year, looking for signs of damage. If they notice an issue, such as a damaged or missing shingle, fix it immediately to ensure it doesn’t escalate. In addition, if your area experiences strong storms, it’s a good idea to have your roof checked after the storm season ends.


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