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How Roofers Rip You Off

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First of all, to be clear, not all roofers will rip you off. Many of us are kind, honest, reputable, and responsible professionals who are committed to providing high-quality products and top-notch customer service. Unfortunately, some roofers lack that integrity and may attempt to lure in unsuspecting customers with roofing scams. One excellent way to avoid falling prey to a scamming roofer is to learn how roofers rip you off. Keep an eye out for the common tactics we discuss below.

Watch Out for These Roofing Scams

Overcharging for Services and Products

Most homeowners don’t have an in-depth knowledge of the typical costs for roofing materials and services. Unscrupulous roofers may take advantage of this lack of knowledge, charging far more than they should for simple services and basic materials. Or, they might install overpriced materials when a basic (and more affordable) material would have been perfectly fine.

Recommending Unnecessary Repairs

Dishonest roofers may also prey on your lack of knowledge by suggesting unnecessary repairs or replacements to inflate your bill. For example, they might recommend that you replace materials that are still working well. Or, they might exaggerate the extent of damage so that they can do more work and increase the overall price.

Low Quotes and Hidden Fees

Sometimes, roofers will use a low initial quote like bait. They’ll reel you in with an affordable estimate, but then, once you’ve decided to hire them, they’ll add on hidden fees for certain services or materials. In other cases, the estimate will be reasonable, but once the roofer has begun working, they’ll continually add items to your bill, claiming that they need more materials than they originally thought. If this happens, you should be skeptical.

Insurance Fraud

When exploring how roofers rip you off, we also must discuss how roofers rip off insurance companies by engaging in insurance fraud. They might inflate claims, submit false information, or encourage homeowners to make false claims to collect more money from their insurance companies.

Low-Quality Materials

Homeowners may not be able to distinguish between high-quality and low-quality materials by sight. So, some roofers may attempt to scam you by using subpar materials but charging for high-quality materials. Not only will you spend more money than you ought to, but also the second-rate materials may compromise the longevity and durability of your roof. These roofers may also cut corners by using outdated materials or failing to complete needed tasks (like replacing damaged flashing).

Pressure Tactics

Some disreputable roofers are half-door-to-door-salesman and half-roofer. They might employ aggressive sales techniques and scare tactics to convince innocent homeowners that immediate, expensive repairs are necessary for their personal safety and their home’s integrity. If a roofer knocks on your door and says, “Hey, I noticed some storm damage on your roof!”, you should be wary. Also, if they’re pressuring you to sign a contract right away, a giant red flag should appear in your mind. Schedule an inspection with another roofer that you’ve found via a personal recommendation or online research.

How to Avoid Roofing Scams

Now you know how roofers rip you off, but do you know how to find an honest and trustworthy roofer? Use the following tips:

  • Research roofers online. Look at their websites and check reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more. How long has the company been around? How many reviews do they have? Are the reviews mostly positive?
  • Check that the company has the proper licenses and insurance.
  • Get multiple quotes. If one quote is far below the others, that company may have ulterior motives.
  • Ask friends and family members for roofer recommendations.

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