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How to Keep Your Roof Cool in Summer

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Are you ready for the next heat wave? When trying to keep your energy costs down and stay comfortable in the summer, a strategy to beat the heat is essential. Do you know how to keep your roof cool in summer?

How to Keep Your Roof Cool in Summer

Did you know that a traditional blacktop roof can reach temperatures over 150 degrees Fahrenheit on sunny summer days? If you’re trying to maintain a comfortable temperature, learning how to keep your roof cool in the summer is vital.

Consider Creating a Cool Roof This Summer

Energy experts know that traditional roofs absorb lots of heat on sunny days, which leads to higher energy bills and discomfort for the people underneath them. Luckily, there’s a simple solution available to home and business owners, and it’s called a “cool roof.” Cool roofs are designed to reflect heat and sunlight into the atmosphere instead of absorbing it, which can keep the roof’s surface temperature low in any weather. There are many ways that home and business owners can embrace “cool roof” technology, and investing in them can lower your energy bills and help the environment.

Resurface Your Roof

Having a roofing material that will reflect heat instead of absorbing it is one of the key ways to create a cool roof for your home or business. Building a new roof with materials like modified bitumen or single-ply membranes will provide a cooling effect in some roofing situations. In other cases, using a cool-roof coating to paint the roof’s surface can do the job. Consult a roofing professional to determine which solution is best for your roof.

Select the Right Shingles

Shingles are your first line of defense against the heat, so make sure your shingles are up to the job. Black shingles absorb up to 95 percent of the sun’s heat, so choose a lighter-colored shingle to reduce the heat absorbed by your home. You can also select shingles with reflective granules or special coatings that reflect sunlight more efficiently.

Try a Non-Traditional Material

If you’re interested in a roof with a unique look, there are plenty of roofing materials aside from asphalt that you can explore. As a bonus, many materials have heat-reflecting properties that can help keep your roof cool. Metal roofs are naturally reflective and can provide some relief from the heat, as can specially designed terracotta tiles. These materials vary in effectiveness depending on several roofing factors, so consult a roofing expert to help you consider your options.

Grow a Rooftop Garden

If you’re ready to get creative, consider installing a rooftop garden on your home or business. Rooftop gardens are not only an effective way to shade your building but also provide temperature relief for the buildings around them. They can lower ambient neighborhood temperatures by up to five degrees or more! They also offer fresh air, noise reduction, and beautification benefits. A rooftop garden isn’t a traditional solution, but you may just love the results.


Now that you have some ideas about how to keep your roof cool in summer, it’s time to make them a reality. Contact the experts at Taylor-Made Roofing for all the support and advice you need.

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