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Metal Roof Insulation

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Whether you’re installing a shingle roof or a metal roof, insulation is a key component of any energy-efficient roof. Insulation protects your home from the elements and keeps your energy bills down – but how do you know which kind of metal roof insulation is right for your home?

Metal Roof Insulation

Do I Need Metal Roof Insulation?

Let’s start with a common question: Since metal roofs are already so energy-efficient, do you even need to install metal roof insulation? The answer is yes. Proper insulation is key for any roofing structure, and metal roofs are no exception. Metal roof insulation stabilizes your building’s interior temperature, but it also reduces noise pollution and extends the life of your roof by preventing debris from collecting under the roofing material.

Types of Insulation

Sure, metal roof insulation is important – but how do you find the best material for your residential or commercial property? Fortunately, there are several types of metal roof insulation that vary in cost and installation difficulty. Below are some of the most popular options on today’s roofing market.

Spray Foam

Spray foam is typically the easiest, most affordable, and most effective type of insulation for a metal roof. This type of insulation is created by mixing polyurethane foam with water; it then adheres as a heated liquid. The polyurethane expands and hardens extremely quickly, creating a durable foam that is extremely easy to work with. Spray foam is popular for many reasons, but its flexibility is one of its best features; roofing professionals can install it on old or new roofs without re-roofing. The foam is also self-adhering by nature, making it a great choice if you have awkwardly shaped areas created by your building’s unique architectural structure. Furthermore, spray foam effectively prevents damage from both condensation buildup and pest infestations.

Fiberglass Batts

When you think of roofing insulation, you likely think of classic fiberglass. Fiberglass insulation contains dozens of fine, thread-like bits of glass that are woven together to form a thick pad. Like spray foam, fiberglass insulation is extremely affordable. Fiberglass is also easy to cut, making it relatively flexible – though not as flexible as spray foam. Unfortunately, fiberglass does involve a few hazards. Keep in mind that fiberglass insulation is made up of tiny bits of glass, which can damage your skin, eyes, and even your lungs. For that reason, you should always bring in a professional to install or repair fiberglass insulation.

Rigid Board Insulation

Rigid board is another type of metal roof insulation that is largely popular for its thermal protection. Like spray foam, rigid board insulation is made of polyurethane – however, as the name suggests, rigid board comes in hard sheets or panels. Rigid board is significantly denser than other insulation options, making it a great choice for areas that experience extreme temperatures. However, as with any other roofing accessory, proper installation is key – which is why we recommend working with a professional instead of trying to install rigid board insulation yourself.


No matter which type of metal roof insulation you choose, working with a professional is the best way to ensure good results. When in doubt, a professional can help you select the best kind of insulation for your project while ensuring proper installation.

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