Lynn Christensen

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Lynn Christensen
Shop Lead

Lynn is the handyman of all handymen. From brewing our morning coffee to single-handedly building entire additions to our shop, Lynn does it all. If there is even the smallest job to be done, you can guarantee he will do it without hesitation, without complaint, and mostly, without flaw. As a retired roofer, however, his favorite jobs involve the chance to get out of the shop and onto a roof, especially if it means he can make fun of James along the way.

Lynn is proud to adorn the Taylor-Made logo, but he is also proud of his past. He is a veteran, a skilled roofer, and even a certified Master Farrier (AKA: A horse-shoer). He knows his way around a horse even better than he knows his way around the shop. When he’s not working with his hands, you can usually find him watching NASCAR or relaxing at Am Vets post 114 where he boasts the title of Second Vice Commander.

Ask me about: Am Vets post 114; My time as a Master Farrier; Funny stories about James.