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furry cat
Office Furry Friend

Sassy was unanimously voted the most adorable in the office (Sorry, Russell. Maybe next year.)

She has blessed us with her presence in the office since 2014 when, as a wild kitten, she wandered into our shop, and Marla couldn’t resist giving her a portion of her lunch. By the time Sassy was pregnant with her second litter of kittens, we knew it was time to take her to the pound. However, with unmatchable stealth and a vigorous determination to make Taylor-Made Roofing her permanent home, she managed to find her way back to us. We knew it was fate that brought us together, so we took her to the vet and officially made her ours.

Sassy still gets a part of Marla’s lunch everyday. We know it is noon when sassy runs into the office roaring with her desperate meows. When she isn’t begging for food, you can often find her charming our customers and guests or sleeping on Orlando’s keyboard. If you come by the shop, make a point to see her on your way in, and if you want to get on her good side, bring some tuna.

Ask me about: Don’t ask me about anything. Just bring me tuna.