Tyler Crouse

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Tyler Crouse

Tyler is our go-to guy for all Springfield area bids. In fact, he handles just about everything south of Brighton, which includes frequent trips down to Branson and beyond. Tyler joined our team as an estimator back in 2014, bringing a lot of relief to our growing business and, not to forget, a lot of comic relief as well. He is quick to make a joke and keeps the rest of us on our toes.

When he’s not driving around, talking to customers and writing up proposals, Tyler likes to…

Well… we aren’t exactly sure what Tyler likes to do in his free time. He likes to keep his personal life personal. But we can tell you to just look for the guy with a hat on his head, a Red Bull in his hand, and a Taylor-Made logo worn proudly on his chest; he will be sure to get all of your roofing needs taken care of.