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Types of Gutters


Are you feeling like you’re in the gutter because you don’t know about the various types of gutters? How awful (and awfully ironic)! Luckily, we’re here to help. Gutters come in many sizes and shapes, but they always seek to accomplish the same goal: carrying rainwater to a more appropriate place. Some gutters have additional goals, like preventing leaf blockages and complementing the color of the house, but carrying rainwater is always the most essential. Now that you know the common thread that binds all gutters together, let’s focus on the differences that separate the various types . . .


Types of Gutters


  • K-Style Gutters: K-style gutters have flat bottoms, flat backs, and (typically) a decorative front. They’re available in many different styles, such as curves and ogees (a double continuous S-shaped curve), and many mimic crown molding. They can hold more than half-round gutters, but they also have a higher price tag.
  • Half-Round Gutters: As you might expect, half-round gutters (which are sometimes called U-shape gutters) look like tubes cut in half. The bottom is rounded, and the top is open. Half-round gutters are often found on historic homes.
  • Box Gutters: Again, it’s easy to guess what box gutters look like: they have a square profile and an open top. Commercial gutters are often box-shaped.


Most residential gutters are available at a width of four, five, or six inches, though commercial box gutters can be larger, in the seven- to ten-inch range. Larger gutter systems are sometimes preferable because they are less likely to clog.


Fed up with constant clogs and gutters filled with leaves, some homeowners choose to add protective accessories to their gutters. For example, the Gutter Guard is a stainless-steel mesh system placed over the gutter that allows in rain but prevents the entrance of leaves. You can also purchase gutter screens and brushes, which accomplish the same goal. Some are removable and simply set into place while others must be carefully installed.


  • Aluminum: Very popular, lightweight, resists rust, available in a range of colors
  • Seamless Aluminum: Made at the job site, reduces likelihood of leaks, costs more than regular aluminum
  • Copper: Beautiful, resists rust, requires professional installation, expensive, commonly found on luxury and historic homes, develops a patina over time
  • Steel: Strong, may rust, many color options, heavy, should be installed by a pro, sometimes expensive
  • Vinyl/Plastic: Lightweight, easy to install, affordable, limited color selection, color may fade over time, may crack in extreme cold, can’t support a ladder
  • Zinc: Durable, long-lasting, requires professional installation, expensive, commonly found on luxury homes and historic restorations, develops a patina over time

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