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When to Replace Siding


Your home’s siding isn’t just an aesthetic choice. It also serves as an important barrier, protecting your home’s structure from nuisances like insects, moisture, and foul weather. It’s important to keep your existing siding in good condition, but at some point you may need to replace it. After all, siding sees a lot of wear and tear. Wondering when to replace siding? Using a few telltale signs – higher energy bills, rot, moisture – you can decide when to make the investment.


When to Replace Siding

Holes and Cracks

Holes and cracks can take a toll on the appearance of your siding, and even the smallest openings can compromise the integrity of your home. Gaps in your siding can expose the home to potentially disastrous intruders like animals and termites. Additionally, holes and cracks can open the door to natural hazards like moisture, which can eat away at the wood in your home’s structure. Make sure to keep a close eye on any holes and cracks in your siding – if they begin to multiply, it’s time for new siding.

Noticeable Rot

It might seem obvious that rotten or crumbling siding needs to be replaced. If your siding has minimal rot damage, you might be able to spot-treat the issue. However, if the rot has spread throughout the siding, you urgently need to replace the siding with a rot-resistant material. Like siding that’s riddled with holes and cracks, rotting siding can’t protect your home from the elements.

Moisture Inside Your Home

Take a moment to walk through your home, examining the walls, ceilings, and floors. Do you notice any areas of moisture buildup? Have you seen any new mold, mildew, or condensation? Maybe you’ve spied crumbling woodwork or dark stains on walls? If you’re seeing signs of moisture, make sure to examine the exterior of your home – beginning with the siding – for vulnerabilities. If your siding is compromised, it won’t be able to keep moisture out of your home. That means your home may be more prone to issues like mold and mildew, particularly during periods of temperamental weather.

Higher Energy Bills

A lot of customers accept fluctuating energy bills as a fact of life. After all, when the weather changes, your energy bills are likely to fluctuate, too. However, higher-than-usual bills aren’t always that simple. There could be a vulnerability in your home’s exterior structure, leaving the interior of your home much warmer or cooler than usual. To keep your energy bills low, make sure to inspect the entirety of your home’s exterior for any vulnerabilities on a seasonal basis for best results. If you do see holes or rot in your siding, consider replacing it.

Increased Curb Appeal

Replacing your siding doesn’t have to be the result of an unfortunate occurrence like mold or rot. Some customers may change up their home’s siding for purely aesthetic reasons. Siding is easily replaced if you’re painting your home a new color or if you plan to sell your home and want to increase its curb appeal. Regardless, replacing your home’s siding can have a major impact on your home’s aesthetic.


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