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Common Asphalt Roof Repairs

hammer and nails on partially constructed asphalt roof

Did you know that asphalt roofs can last up to 30 years? Asphalt’s durability and longevity are two of the reasons it’s such a popular roofing material. You won’t get that full 30 years if you don’t invest in maintenance, however, so it’s important to be ready for common asphalt roof repairs. 

Common Asphalt Roof Repairs

Asphalt is durable, affordable, and often easier to maintain than other roofing materials. Keeping up with maintenance is the best way to make sure you’ll get the most out of your roof. What asphalt roof repairs should you be ready for?

How to Identify Asphalt Roof Damage

Despite the sturdiness of asphalt roofing, it is still vulnerable to the same kinds of damage as other roofs. Catastrophic weather events, the daily wear and tear of wind and sun, and simply the age of the roofing materials can all lead to needed repairs. You can spot damage on an asphalt roof by looking for the following warning signs:

  • Broken or missing shingles
  • “Cupped” shingles, or shingles that have warped into a curved shape
  • Large dark spots or discoloration
  • Visible holes or ripples in the shingle pattern 
  • Dips or uneven spots on the roof line

It’s important to note that these are the easiest kinds of damage to spot, but there are more subtle cues that your roof can give you that it’s time for a repair. So while it is a good idea as a homeowner to keep an eye on your roof, it’s a better idea to schedule yearly roof inspections to make sure your roof is in good shape. 

Types of Repairs

Waiting on roof repairs is never a good decision. Skipping a needed roof repair to save a few bucks can result in thousands of dollars in damage. Your best option is to call a licensed roofer and get your asphalt roof repairs done ASAP. The most common repairs on an asphalt roof are shingle repairs and replacements.

Shingle Repair or Replacement

Shingles can be knocked off a roof, chipped or split, or become warped with age. They will also lose some of their protective surfaces due to aging or harsh wind conditions. Once the shingles are damaged, it is easy for moisture, vermin, or other invaders to harm your roof.

If the shingles have been knocked askew, they can be glued back into place. The roofer will move the shingles back into place on the roof, and then secure them with sealant underneath and on top. The roofer will sometimes also add some additional asphalt granules to improve the protective barrier on the shingles and camouflage the repair.

If the shingles are beyond repair, they can be easily replaced. A roofer will use a pry bar to lift up the section of the shingles that needs to be repaired. They will pull out the nails holding the damaged shingle with a pry bar, and then replace it with a new shingle. Once the new shingle is attached, they will hammer all of the shingles back into place, making the repair virtually undetectable.

Asphalt Roof Replacement

Too many repairs will add unnecessary weight to the roof, which shortens its lifespan. In extreme cases, you may need to consider having the roof replaced. This is your best option if the roof is over 20 years old or has been significantly repaired in the past. Your roofer will advise you as to whether or not this is necessary. This is not a repair we recommend you try and do on your own.


An asphalt roof is as close to a worry-free roof as you can get, but maintenance still needs to happen. If you haven’t had your roof looked at in a while, do yourself a favor and give us a call.

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