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Hot Tar Roof Repair

Close-up of roofer installing tar foil on rooftop

A leaky roof is a building owner’s nightmare. If your roof is leaking, you don’t want to delay a needed repair, even if the weather is getting in the way. Hot tar roof repair can provide a solution and prevent future damage.

Hot Tar Roof Repair

Once water starts coming in to a roof, it can cause damage that is expensive and difficult to repair. Roof leaks can cause issues ranging from mold to fire hazards. If your roof is leaking, your first and best move is to call in a licensed roofer to examine the damage.

Depending on the extent of the damage, the roofer may recommend a hot tar roof repair. This can patch your roof, sealing the leak and preventing water damage. It can also weatherproof your roof to prevent other leaks from developing.

While tar is primarily used as a roofing material on a flat hot tar roof, it can also be used to patch non-hot tar flat roofs or pitched roofs if recommended by an experienced professional. It is sometimes the best option if you need to repair a roof during the winter, as unlike other roofing materials, it can be applied in temperatures as low as 40 degrees. If you are waiting for better weather to do a larger roofing project, like a complete replacement, a hot tar repair can be a good temporary option.

Don’t Try This at Home

Of all the DIY projects you can do on your roof, a hot tar repair is one of the most dangerous. Heated tar is a noxious substance that gives off hazardous fumes. Those fumes are deadly to humans and animals. Hot tar is also a fire hazard, and burns are difficult to treat. Finally, there are safety practices that must be followed, such as keeping the tar below flashpoint to prevent fires. Working with hot tar requires specialized safety training, equipment and experience that the average homeowner or business owner simply does not have. For your safety, it is imperative to call a licensed roofer to make any hot tar roof repair. 

How Does a Hot Tar Roof Repair Work?

While the materials involved make it messy, the actual hot tar roof repair is fairly simple:

  1. A roofer will examine your roof to determine the best type of roofing tar to use and the amount needed. 
  2. The roofer will set up a ladder at the corner of your roof. They may set up another ladder at the opposite corner to allow them to exit the roof without stepping over their work. When spreading hot tar on a roof, a roofer needs to avoid “painting themselves into a corner.” Otherwise, they may have to step over or directly onto hot tar, which can lead to burns as well as slip-and-fall accidents.
  3. Using a fiberglass mop or other heat-proof device, the roofer will spread tar over areas that need to be patched. Tar can also weatherproof the rest of the roof if applied across the entire surface.
  4. Once the tar is spread, it is covered with tar paper. This paper is applied with the tool used to spread the tar. At least three layers of overlapping paper will ensure the tar stays flat and is protected from inclement weather.
  5. Once the tar is spread and the tar paper is in place, the job is complete. 


A hot tar roof repair is an easy job for a professional, so don’t try to do it yourself. Call a licensed roofer today.

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