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Can You Replace a Roof in Winter?

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It seems like common sense that you’d want to avoid replacing a roof in the winter. Between the ice, cold, and snow, how would you get the work done? At the same time, if your roof truly needs to be replaced, waiting might not be a good idea. Can you replace a roof in winter?

Can You Replace a Roof in Winter?

Some roofers will tell you that it’s not a good idea to replace a roof in the winter. There are weather hazards to consider, additional work that needs to be done, and not every company has experience working in winter conditions. However, the fact is that you don’t always get to pick when you need a roof replacement. Catastrophic damage or years of wear-and-tear can come to a head at any time, and your roof isn’t going to magically fix itself before the weather improves. Winter is also hard on a roof, and it’s important to have a roof that is solid and in good condition to avoid weather-related leaks and other damage to your home.

How Do I Know It’s Time for a New Roof?

The good news is that if you keep up with regular inspections and maintenance, it should be a long time before you even have to think about replacing a roof. An average roof lasts between 15 and 30 years. Some roofs can even last 40 years or more! To ensure you don’t need to replace your roof anytime soon, make sure you have it examined once a year by a licensed professional. In addition, make sure you’re keeping your roof clear of ice and snow, and maintaining the gutters to avoid ice dams. A little maintenance ahead of time can save you a lot of hassle down the road.

Unfortunately, no matter how much maintenance you do, sometimes it’s clear that a new roof is the solution. If you aren’t sure if you need one or not, there are some warning signs you can keep an eye out for. Look for sunlight coming through the beams in your attic, or visible water damage on the ceiling and walls. Likewise, if your roof is visibly sagging or your shingles are peeling, it might be a sign of a structural issue that needs to be addressed.

Unless you’re an experienced roofer yourself, this is not a decision you should make alone. If you spot damage that seems to indicate a roof failure, reach out for an inspection right away.

Making a Winter Roof Replacement Work for You

So let’s say that your roof inspection reveals that it’s time for a new roof, and it can’t wait until June. Can you replace a roof in winter? Absolutely! There’s just two things to keep in mind:

Plan to Work Around the Weather

Your roofers will do everything they can to make sure your replacement roof is installed as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, winter weather does bring hazards they will need to avoid. It’s not safe for roofers to work in temperatures that are below 20 degrees, or during times of excessive ice and snow fall. Be sure to work with your roofers to make a plan that allows for the weather.

Work with an Experienced Crew

It’s in your best interest to work with a crew that is experienced in winter roof replacements. That way, they will have the equipment and knowledge they need to do it correctly. Cold temperatures can affect the function of roofing tools and equipment. Additional hazards like ice or snow removal will also be a factor. You want to work with roofers who are prepared to do all of these things, and do them right!


When you’re wondering if you can replace a roof in winter, it’s time to ask the experts. An experienced, licensed roofer will be able to inspect your roof and any damage to your home. They’ll give you the best advice on next steps. If those next steps involve a winter roof replacement, don’t worry! It can be done with an experienced crew and a little extra care.

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