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How Long Does an EPDM Roof Last?

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Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, or EPDM, is a roofing material prized for its durability and longevity. EPDM roofing has been the industry standard for commercial properties for decades, and it remains one of the most popular roofing materials among business owners for new or replacement roofs. How long does an EPDM roof last? 

EPDM Roof Basics: How Long Does an EPDM Roof Last?

EPDM, derived from a blend of oil and natural gas, is a highly durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane that has been used in commercial roofing for over 40 years. It is considered the industry leader for both new and replacement low-slope commercial roofing projects. 

Why is EPDM roofing so popular? 

EPDM Roofing Benefits

Fatigue Resistance

EPDM roofing provides exceptional resistance to heat and fire and is durable against hail, ozone, UV radiation, wind, and abrasion from abnormal weather sources. 

Inexpensive and Effective

EPDM is one of the most affordable roofing materials available. While professional installation is critical for the longevity of an EPDM roof, once installed, EPDM roof repair and maintenance is simple and usually can be done without the need to hire professional help. EPDM can also save you money in insurance premiums, as many insurance companies are willing to cut their rates by between 5 and 35 percent for businesses that install roofs with demonstrated protection against elements like impact, hail, and lightning.

Thermal Shock Durability

EPDM has the flexibility to perform in extremely low and extremely high temperature zones, making it especially suitable for areas with fluctuating or volatile weather conditions.

Low Environmental Impact

EPDM roofs are good for the environment, outperforming many other single-ply and bitumen-based membrane materials across a range of environmental indicators, including global warming, acidification, and smog generation.


By far, one of EPDM’s most praised characteristics is its longevity. Forty years of data demonstrate that EPDM has the longest average service life in the commercial industry. But how long does an EPDM roof last? 

A well-installed EPDM roof can last between 40 and 50 years. And if it’s well-maintained and installed with proper drainage in mind, an EPDM roof can perform for even longer. Make sure that your roofing contractor installs your roof so that water drains away from the rooftop, and where necessary, it should be installed with special flashing to direct water away from vulnerable surfaces and areas.

Why do EPDM roofs last so long? One major reason is that EPDM is naturally waterproof and seamless, offering superior protection against leaks caused by torrential rain or snowstorms. Since EPDM roofs are low profile and usually don’t have detachable components, like shingles, they’re less susceptible to damage from high winds.

EPDM Roof Maintenance

How can you ensure that your EPDM roof lasts 50 years or more? By following a few steps, you can get the longest life out of your roof. 

Conduct Regular Inspections and Cleanings

Conduct routine inspections of the roof to check for any signs of damage, punctures, or debris. Pay particular attention to edges and flashing. Remove any debris, such as leaves, branches, or dirt, that may accumulate on the roof — this will help prevent water pooling. To maintain your EPDM roof properly, it should also be cleaned regularly and professionally four times a year. Professional cleaning will help ensure your roof will last for decades. Keep in mind that depending on your roof manufacturer, your warranty may specify a certain required cleaning frequency, so be sure to follow those guidelines.

Make Repairs Immediately

Prioritize regular inspections and maintenance for your roof. Have your contractor conduct a full roof inspection along with your four annual cleanings to look for signs of wear and tear, damage, peeling, or swelling. Take care of any issues right away — by addressing small repairs immediately, you’ll cut down on the need for bigger repairs down the road and can help further extend the lifespan of your roof.


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