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How to Clean Roof Gutters

Gloved hands cleaning yellow leaves out of gutters

Did you know that you should clean your gutters every autumn? When the leaves start to fall, it becomes important to stay on top of roof maintenance. Learn how to clean roof gutters so that you can take care of this seasonal nuisance in no time.

How to Clean Roof Gutters

Everyone loves it when autumn turns the leaves from green to gold. As beautiful as they look up in the trees, they’re far less pretty when they’re stuck in your gutters. That’s one of the reasons that roofing professionals recommend that you clean your gutters around this time of year. Keeping your gutters clean is a vital part of home maintenance. Without regular cleaning, gutters can back up, causing water damage and other roof issues. Cleaning your gutters regularly is a simple way to save yourself costly house maintenance down the line.

If you’ve never cleaned your gutters before, this may seem like an intimidating task. Don’t panic! Learning how to clean roof gutters is quick and easy to do.

Safety First

Before you make a plan to clean your gutters, you should consider if it’s a task you want to take on yourself. In order to effectively clean your own gutters, they need to be easily accessible via a ladder. If your house has more than one story, or if you are not comfortable using a tall ladder, you should consider hiring a professional. Whatever money you could save doing the job yourself is not worth putting yourself in an unsafe situation. If you’re even a little hesitant, give yourself a break and give this job to the experts.

Step One: Remove Debris

To begin, you’ll want to climb up your ladder and visually assess the gutters. Look for clumps of leaves, branches, and other things that could be blocking the flow of the gutters to the downspout. Start by removing the downspout strainer from your gutter and cleaning it. Then, wearing a pair of safety gloves, remove any debris you spot in the gutters themselves. Be sure to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from any spatter or material that comes loose. If debris is compacted and difficult to remove, you can use a gutter scooper or other tools. Work your way methodically around the roof until all visible debris is removed.

Step Two: Flush the Gutter

Once you’ve removed anything that could clog the gutters, you can use a garden hose to flush it out completely. This will take care of any bits and pieces you missed during cleaning, and also allow you to make sure the gutter is still working well. Use a strong stream of water, and consider purchasing a gutter cleaning attachment for your hose if this is a project you will regularly do on your own. As you flush the gutter, keep an eye on the downspout. If water is not flowing quickly, flush the downspout as well to loosen any clogs.

Step Three: Maintenance and Wrap-Up

Once you’ve finished flushing the gutters, check to see if there is any standing water left in them. If there is, you may want to adjust the gutter hangers to make sure water can flow more easily to the downspout. Before you get off your ladder for the day, make sure to check for cracks and bends and other issues with your gutter hardware. Small cracks and minor imperfections can be corrected with gutter sealant and touched up with paint if needed. If you see large holes, a significant amount of rust, or other signs of gutter failure, it may be time to consult a roofing professional about a gutter replacement.


Learning how to clean roof gutters is a key skill for the maintenance of your roof. Knowing when to ask for help is even more important. If you’re not sure how to proceed, give us a call.

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